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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 156: You Already Have a Perfect Son

“There’s no reason. I just don’t want to marry you.”

Phoebe was annoyed, “Clarence, do you think marriage is a child’s play. You decide whether you want to marry me according to your mood. Now everyone knows that we are getting married, and you…”

“You are the one who decides to announce the news.”

“But you also promised to marry me at that time, didn’t you?”

Clarence said, “Phoebe, you should know very well why I promised you at that time.”

Phoebe bit her lower lip tightly before asking, “It’s because of Ms. Radomil, right?”

Clarence said coldly, “Phoebe, the purpose of us getting married is just to give benefits to both of our families. It has nothing to do with who I am promising it for. In the past month, the share price of the Steward Group has increased by three percent, so you are not at a loss.”

Listening to his voice which sounded like he did not love her at all, Phoebe felt that he treated their marriage as a plain business contract. She took a deep breath and said reluctantly, “But now that the marriage has been announced. You are making me ashamed if you break your promise of marrying me. Moreover, how are you going to explain to my father?”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Steward, the reason that this wedding is canceled is that I am an illegitimate son who doesn’t match you.”

Hearing his words, Phoebe’s face turned pale, “Clarence, you…”

“I still have things to do. Ms. Steward, please help yourself.”

With that, Clarence hung up the phone.

Nathan stood at the side and he did not even dare to speak.

Mr. Conrad was so ruthless as he did not only make Phoebe ashamed but also making himself in hot soup.

In fact, by now, when the Conrad family realized that they could no longer use the child in Stella’s belly to achieve their goals, they had already shifted their focus to the marriage between Clarence and Phoebe.

Even though they did not agree to their marriage at first, they felt that it was too tempting as the Steward family was wealthy and had many estates. Moreover, they had no heir to inherit their fortune.

If Clarence canceled the wedding now, Dempsey would probably be very furious.

Clarence got on the lift and faintly instructed Nathan, “Prepare a statement to send out to the public by tomorrow.”

Nathan thought for a moment and asked, “Mr. Conrad, how should we write the statement?”

He couldn’t write… Clarence was breaking the promise, right?

Clarence gave him a sideways glance and said, “If you cannot hear my words clearly, go see the doctor.”

Nathan was speechless.

Clarence averted his gaze and snorted, “Joanna Perez has spent so much time to make me in trouble, I must get back at her now.copy right hot novel pub

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