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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 155: Dating Playboys

Yet Channing kept a straight face and said, “She can’t eat spicy food after recovery.” He exposed their lies at once. Both Stella and Sherry became speechless. Sherry turned around and whispered, “I think your brother must have worked for CIA before, nothing would escape from his eyes.” Stella nodded. “I think so too.”

Channing ignored them and walked straight out when the lift door opened. He was not angry that they had kept the truth from him though, he knew Stella was worried that he would look for Clarence when he knew that, and he indeed could not do anything to him with his current capability. Yet it turned out he was not informed of such a huge matter at all. He did not even have the courage to ask Stella how the child in her womb had become now.

Sherry had been ordering food online when she lived there and there were not many vegetables and fruits at home. After glancing at the fridge, Channing turned around and went out. Sherry only heaved a sigh of relief after the door was closed. She felt she was revived once again. “Chan has an exact same temper as you, how scary.” Stella was baffled as she thought she was gentle.

Sherry could not help but ask after a while, “Could it be he’s going to deal with Clarence with that aggressive look?” Stella replied, “He won’t.” She knew Channing, he was not an impetuous person that acted without thinking of the consequence. Sherry patted her chest. “Good to hear that.”

Not long after that, Channing carried two big bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and returned. He then headed straight into the kitchen. Sherry peeled an orange and handed half of the orange to Stella. She sighed. “It feels so good to have a younger brother. If I have such a handsome and caring brother, I won’t get myself a boyfriend until I die. Hey, do you think Chan’s interested in elder or younger female? I wonder whether I have the…hey!”

Stella shoved the orange into her mouth and let out an aggrieved smile. “Come on, you’ve watched him grow up since he’s little, how could you actually have thoughts on him?” Sherry engulfed the orange and smacked her lips. “It doesn’t hurt to dream though.” Stella was speechless.

Sherry then continued after a while, “Hey, didn’t I sell my house, I don’t want to buy another house now, and I plan to start my own business and open a workshop. Let’s do it together, how does that sound?” Stella was startled.copy right hot novel pub

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