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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 154: She Already Had Nothing Left

Sherry knew Stella wanted to make her leave on purpose, and she left the ward reluctantly. After she left, Phoebe sat on the couch beside her and said, “I heard that you’ve lost your child, I feel sorry about that.” Stella did not have any change in expression and she replied blandly, “There’s nothing to feel sorry of, it’s not mine, even if I did keep it, it won’t end up good.”

“Miss Radomil…”

“If you have anything you want to say, don’t mind me.”

Phoebe smiled. “It’s actually nothing, I just want to give some consolations, as for the others…” She paused and continued, “Maybe you’re not aware of this, but my father has sent men to fetch you the day you left the Conrad’s house. He wanted to take you to a safer place, but he didn’t expect that such an accident would happen along the way. Please don’t misunderstand my father, he did not have anything in mind, it’s just that I’m getting married with Clarence soon, and he might think that…”

She did not finish her words and was evasive, but Stella got what she meant. Phoebe was going to marry Clarence, and she as his ex-wife would only affect their relationship. Seeing her not saying anything, Phoebe said, “Of course, I certainly believe in you, it’s just that my father has his concern after all. My marriage with Clarence this time also connects the Conrad and the Steward family, he’s thinking for the overall situation.”

Stella only spoke after a few seconds, “I know what you’re trying to say.” Phoebe maintained the smile on her face and did not reply. Stella continued, “Don’t worry, the child’s gone, and I’ll have nothing more to do with Clarence anymore.”

“Then are you going to continue staying in City N?” Having heard that, Stella smiled too, yet her smile was too bland that no one could discern what she was thinking. She spoke, “Why not?” Phoebe probably did not see that coming and there was a slight change of expression on her face. Yet she quickly concealed it and said, “I thought after suffering all these, you’ll hate this place.”

“What I hate are just those people.” The reason why she fought so hard to leave was just to keep the little fellow in her womb. Now that the child was gone, she had nothing left, and she had nothing to be afraid of. “You’re right, Miss Radomil, I’ve been casual in my plans. If that’s the case, do tell me if you need any help in the future.”

“Thank you, Miss Steward, I appreciate that,” Stella said. “But I no longer want to have anything to do with the Conrad’s, so I’m sorry, Miss Steward, I don’t want to see you again too.” Phoebe could not help but let out a smile. “I thought we’re friends…” Stella was expressionless.copy right hot novel pub

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