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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 152: It’s All History

At the Conrad house, Dempsey had been uneasy and apprehensive ever since he was forbidden to enter the hospital. He had sent a lot of men to go check it out, yet no one came back to tell him the situation. He finally got the news at night.

Seeing the man he sent came back in a hurry, he quickly asked, “How’s the situation?” The man said, “Miss Radomil has regained her consciousness, but the child…” That was what made Dempsey worried the most, he knocked the floor with his walking stick. “What’s wrong with the child? Spill the bean!”

“The child’s gone.”


The man then continued, “Miss Radomil already had severe internal bleeding when she was admitted to the hospital. Only either the mother or the child could be saved, and Mr. Conrad chose to save the mother.” Dempsey’s face turned livid and he swore, “What a bastard!”

After blowing up for a while, he suddenly thought of something and he asked with a low voice, “Have you confirmed about this? Is the child really gone? It’s been seven months old…the foetus should have been complete, is it really not saved?” The man nodded. “Even if it’s delivered, it’s still gonna be a dead baby. It can’t be saved.”

Dempsey held his walking stick and heaved a deep sigh, waving his hand. “Fine, you can go now.” After his man left, Joanna slowly walked downstairs and spoke with a neither cold nor enthusiastic tone, “Stella’s become conscious?”

Dempsey glimpsed at her and sat on the couch. He looked extremely unhappy. “You did that, didn’t you?” Joanna smiled and did not deny. She sat opposite to him. “Do you have any proof?”

“What are you trying to do? You know how important the child is, plus…” He lowered his voice. “Do you think Clarence won’t know it’s you who did it? Why do you have to make matters worse until this?” Joanna’s smile slowly faded. “Do you think I want to do this? Clarence is going to marry Phoebe, why do we need to keep a trouble? Do you possibly want the child to grow up and come back to fight for the family property like Clarence?”

Dempsey snapped, “Why do you still need to cling onto the past? It’s been a long time ago. Plus I’ve let Annie join the Conrad’s as you wish, what else are you dissatisfied of? Plus, Clarence had nothing to do with Justin getting a car accident, I don’t understand the reason why you have to blame everything on him!”

“He took what belonged to my son, how could I not blame him?”

“What action could I possibly take when Justin was involved in the car accident back then? The Conrad’s needs an heir.”

Joanna sneered. “Could you possibly have thought that Justin would have a car accident when you had an illegitimate son outside?” Dempsey fell into silence and he did not look good at all. Joanna then continued, “Even if Clarence knows about this, so what? What else could he do to me when he has to maintain his current status and identity? I was only teaching him a lesson with the news back then.”

“He’s had an arranged marriage with the daughter of the Steward family, I’m afraid it would be more difficult to control him.” Joanna looked contempt. “I thought you still can’t do anything to him even without the marriage?” As she stood up and was going to leave, her expression changed when she saw Justin who showed up not knowing when.copy right hot novel pub

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