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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 15: A Sudden Blow to the Face

After some time, he summoned Nathan from outside, “Go and ask Francis about this. Investigate what was going on back then.”


Nathan left with his head drooped.

He only knew that Stella needed money at that time, which was the reason he had deliberately set up a trap. However, he didn’t know that there had been some incidents before that.

If Stella had known that the sponsor of the new designer competition was the Conrad family, then it was very likely that her intrusion into his life was no mere coincidence.

In the resting room of the Twilight Club, a few waiters were preparing for shift change. One of them said, “Hey, I saw Vivian coming in just now. She seems to be visiting this place pretty often.”

“Didn’t you know who is visiting today too? It would be strange if she doesn’t appear.”

Another chipped in, “Did you see what happen in front of the Twilight Club a while ago? Vivian was really fearless. Not only she is bearing Mr. Conrad’s child, she even flaunted herself in front of Mrs. Conrad. She was making such a huge scene as if she wanted everyone to know that she is the mistress.”

In one corner, a figure froze.

“You have to figure out why she is willing to be the mistress. Being able to suck up to someone like Mr. Conrad, not to mention bearing his child, it is obvious Vivian is mustering all of her strength to bring Mrs. Conrad down. She wants to make her way into the noble family. If she could marry into the Conrad family, she would suddenly become a phoenix from a pigeon. She would be the official lady of the family instead of being the mistress.”

“I noticed something weird about him too. Mr. Conrad always visited the club with his band of brothers, but I never saw him bring along Mrs. Conrad. Do they not have a harmonic relationship?”

“You wouldn’t know the truth if I don’t tell you now. Back then, the current Mrs. Conrad was able to marry into the family because she had employed some scheming methods. I heard about this from my previous manager that she was sold to the Twilight Club by someone, and for some reason she was able to lie in the same bed as Mr. Conrad. She used the child she was bearing at that time to threaten him so that she could become part of the Conrads, and the Conrads didn’t want the escalation of this sort of thing to affect their reputation, so they allowed her to get her way to marry into the family. After that, for another strange reason, it was said that she no longer had the child.”

“That’s right, I heard about the same thing too. I heard that Mr. Conrad was annoyed by her, and he wouldn’t even touch her normally.copy right hot novel pub

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