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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 148: I Won’t Hurt You Temporarily

Joanna didn’t reply this time. She left slowly.

Clenching her new phone, Stella heaved a sigh and followed Joanna’s men to the back door.

Looking at the car that was parked not far away, Stella said, “I suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable. Can you please wait…”

One of the men turned around expressionlessly, “Ms. Radomil, we’re here to help you. I hope you won’t play any tricks.”

Stella bit her lower lip, “I didn’t. You also see my bulging belly. Can I play any trick? Normally, a pregnant woman will have many problems… I can’t control it.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I…” Stella looked around and pointed at the overgrown bush wood, “I want to pee. Can you stay here and wait for me for a while?”

The security guard seemed to be impatient. He didn’t want to agree to it.

Stella was a bit annoyed, “I’m so weak now. Can I run away? Moreover, the child in my belly is a descendent of the Conrad family. He’s not a convict. Aren’t you afraid that I will complain about your poor attitude to Mrs. Conrad?”

The man wanted to say something, but the other security guard stopped her and said to Stella, “Go. We will wait for you here.”

“Thank you.”

Stella slowly walked to the bush wood.

When she disappeared in their vision, the man complained to his companion, “Why did you agree to it? It will delay our schedule.”

His companion replied, “Even if she is planning to run away, this passage is the only road in this area. Moreover, she’s pregnant with a child now and her belly is bulging. I don’t think that she can run away. Rest assured, there won’t be any problems.”

The man pulled a long face. He didn’t reply and simply took a glance at his wristwatch to check the time.

Ten minutes later, the man vaguely felt that something had gone wrong and ran towards the bush wood. Unexpectedly, when he arrived there, Stella’s voice sounded from behind the bush, “Don’t come over.”

The man paused, “Ms. Radomil, aren’t you finished?”

Stella said, “I told you just now that pregnant woman will have many problems. You will understand it when you have a wife.”

Ten minutes later, the man asked again, “Ms. Radomil.”

There was no reply.

The man felt it fishy and pushed open the bush, only to find that no one was behind it.copy right hot novel pub

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