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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 146: It’s Emotionally and Logically Unreasonable

Stella opened the door. When she was going to go downstairs, she was stopped by a maid waiting at the door.

The maid said, “Ms. Radomil, there are some distinguished guests downstairs, so you can’t go down now. I will send your breakfast here later.”

Stella didn’t ask any question when she heard this. She simply nodded her head gently, “Thank you.”

Stella then came back to her bedroom. She sat down in front of the desk and opened her manuscript book.

When she turned to the manuscript of the necklace she designed for the charity party, she was a bit stunned.

Maybe that necklace would be like the man in those scratched photos. They were all nowhere to be found and even though she found them back, the results would remain the same.

Expect for leaving this place, she didn’t have any idea or wish about any other matter at present.

At the downstairs….

Although Dempsey was not satisfied with Clarence and Phoebe’s marriage, he couldn’t refuse the temptation of such a big company as the Steward Group.

Charles Steward only had one daughter – Phoebe. As long as she married Clarence, the Steward would be naturally taken control by the Conrad Group.

This company was much better than the Jason Group, which was only powerful on the surface.

But Dempsey hadn’t expected that Charles would still agree with the marriage after last night’s scandal and went to the Conrad family in person to discuss the details of the wedding.

Naturally, he would not refuse such a good thing.

Moreover, even though Clarence married Phoebe, his child was still under Dempsey’s control.

Although this marriage would bring some troubles to him, it also brought more benefits.

Dempsey said, “Now that we’ve decided on the date of the wedding, we just need to arrange the venue and the wedding dress and suit. It’s not a difficult thing. We will deal with this. Mr. Steward, you’re in poor health, and in this way, you will not need to be busy arranging the wedding.”

As if he wanted to chime in with Dempsey, Charles cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Conrad, you’re right. But Phoebe is my only daughter and this is the main affair of her life. I need to do something by myself.”

Phoebe sat beside him, “Dad, please rest assured. Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Conrad and Clare are all good to be. The wedding will not disappoint you.”

Charles said, “This is your wedding.copy right hot novel pub

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