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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 145: The Wedding Will Be Held One Month Later

Stella opened the door and found Annie standing outside of her bedroom. She asked in a calm voice, “What’s the matter?”

With her arms crossed in front of her chest, Annie looked extremely arrogant and contemptuous, “It’s such big trouble. But seems like it doesn’t affect you at all and you’re still living happily.”

Annie was so aggressive and it was obviously she was all the way here to go hard on her.

But Stella didn’t want to quarrel with her under such a circumstance. She simply asked, “What do you want to say?”

“I don’t want to say anything.” Annie said sarcastically, “Aren’t you clear that ever since you came to the Conrad family, bad things happen one after the other? How can you live in my house at ease?”

Stella retorted, “If you can persuade Dempsey, I can leave right away.”

Stella said this to protect herself.

She had been living in the house for one more week and nothing had happened during this time. But Annie chose to trouble her now; apparently she wanted to take this opportunity to vent her anger on her.

Stella mentioned Dempsey to remind Annie and oppress her aggressiveness at the same time.

As expected, there was a slight change in Annie’s expression. But it returned to normal soon. Annie sneered, “Don’t think that I will be scared when you mentioned Uncle Dempsey. He just wants to use the child in your belly to control my cousin… oh no, control Clarence. As for your life, he doesn’t give a shit to it.”

Stella curled her lips into a light smile, “Yep, no one will care about my life. So Annie, are you going to gamble with your life to go hard on me now? Or to hurt me without scruples after I deliver the child?”

A touch of hatred flashed across Annie’s eyes when she heard the words, “Stella, do you think that the bastard child in your belly can be delivered?”

The smile on Stella’s face gradually disappeared. She looked at her coldly.

Annie was satisfied with her reaction. She said nonchalantly, “You also know that the child in your belly is only a puppet and it’s not irreplaceable. Since Uncle Dempsey could take back an illegitimate child, he could take back the second one and then the third one. Come on, do you think that the child in your belly is irreplaceable?”

Stella finally figured out why Annie would come to her now when she heard the words.

Annie feared Clarence in the past. It seemed like she didn’t know that Clarence was an illegitimate child before.

Therefore, she didn’t seek troubles for her during this time and Stella guessed it was because Clarence warned her before.

But today, after the disclosure of illegitimate child, her attitude changed dramatically.

When she mentioned Clarence just now, her tone of voice was so contemptuous.

This wouldn’t have happened yesterday.

After a short while of silence, Stella looked up at Annie and said in an extremely calm voice, “If it’s irreplaceable, do you think that he will confine me in this place?”

It was Annie to be silent this time.

Several minutes later, she satirized her, “Your complacency comes so early. I won’t let go of you easily.copy right hot novel pub

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