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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 143: Seems Like She Has Many Enemies

In the disclosure, although it didn’t point out which big shot in business was Stella’s sugar daddy, it could be perceived from the lines that he was a person that even SG didn’t dare to offend. This explained why Stella’s scandals were oppressed again and again and why SG gave her strong support.

This matter went virus comprehensively after the disclosure. Suddenly a person, asserting to be a person in the know, disclosed that the photos were photographed in the Conrad family in City N.

There were many replies to this post. Someone asserting to be an employee of SG said that she once saw a rich lady come to SG’s office for Stella.

The onlookers recalled the scenes and guessed that the rich lady she mentioned should be Joanna.

A commenter then mentioned illegitimate children. In the beginning, they were all discussing which member of the Conrad family was the father of the illegitimate child in Stella’s belly. A commenter suddenly mentioned, the Conrad family had an illegitimate child now.

When Stella learned about this, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

And it was Sherry who called her and told her about this.

This matter had triggered heated discussion and the stock price of the Conrad Group had been affected to some extent.

Sherry swallowed salvia, seeming to be frightened, “Stella, will they blame you for all of these? Can you escape now? Should I call the police and ask them to rescue you?”

Stella thought it weird. It seemed like the disclosure was targeting her from the beginning, but it suddenly changed its target out of no reason and took aim at an illegitimate child.

Both she and other members of the Conrad family were clear that illegitimate child had been the biggest barrier and reason for estrangement between Clarence and the other members of the Conrad family. And it was also the source of all the problems.

When thinking of this, Stella shook her head, “Please help me observe the tendency of public opinion and this matter. If there’s any problem, please tell me in time.”

She paused and continued, “And help me take care of Channing too.”

“I see.” But Sherry was still worrying about Stella, “How’s this. You shall send me a message to prove that you’re safe once an hour. Only in this way can I make sure whether they have hurt you or not.”


After ending the call, Sherry asked, “By the way, how is Clarence going to solve this problem?”

Stella shook her head, “I don’t know. He went to the company this morning and hasn’t come back yet.”

Sherry said, “I see. I will ask my friend about the current situation of the Conrad Group and I will reply if there’s news.”

When Stella ended the call, Stella heard a loud sound from the study downstairs.copy right hot novel pub

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