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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 139: No Conflicts between the Two

It would take Stella around ten minutes from the garden to the main house.

Phoebe added, “I’m quite busy recently, so I couldn’t make time to visit you, Ms. Radomil. Do you like staying here?”

Stella smiled faintly, “Not bad.”

She could still eat, drink, and sleep.

Phoebe looked at Stella’s belly and said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, but your belly grew so big now. You’ll give birth pretty soon, won’t you?”

Stella didn’t tell her about the exact date, and she only nodded.

Actually, Stella couldn’t quite tell how she felt about Phoebe.

She only knew that no woman in this world would not mind her fiance’s ex-wife and be so considerate and caring.

Phoebe was truly a gentlewoman from a rich family. She was graceful and well-educated. She was not so arrogant and rude as Annie. However, for her care and consideration, Stella always felt quite uneasy.

Firstly, Stella believed that her relationship with Phoebe was quite awkward. Secondly, Stella was quite certain that Phoebe had her plan to treat her so well.

How could one person treat the other very kindly for no reason? Besides, they didn’t meet each other for a long time. Stella even didn’t think they were friends yet.

The most important was that Clarence was between them.

However, Stella thought probably she herself was quite narrow-minded and thought Phoebe evilly. If she were Phoebe, she wouldn’t have done such things.

Arriving at the door of her bedroom, Stella said, “Miss Steward, thank you.”

Phoebe said with a smile, “You are welcome.”

After a pause, she added, “By the way, I will go shopping with Annie this afternoon. Ms. Radomil, would you like to join us?”

“No, thanks. As long as Annie meets me, we’ll get into a fight.”

“I’ve forgotten about it...” Phoebe added, “I just think that you’ve been staying in this house for so many days, so having a walking outside should be good for you. Ms. Radomil, please rest assured. As long as I’m here, Annie wouldn’t trouble you. You can think about it. We won’t leave until the afternoon.”

Stella smiled politely. After nodding at Phoebe, she walked to her room and locked the door.

Phoebe turned away. Before she took a few steps, Annie showed up from the corner.copy right hot novel pub

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