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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 138: How Do You Know it without Telling Me?

After a moment, Sherry asked, “Well... Are you planning not to meet Clarence again in the future?”

Stella was silent for a moment. She answered, “No. I won’t meet him again.”

The marriage between Clarence and her was a mistake. It was time to end this mistake completely.

“But I always sensed that Clarence shouldn’t be willing to let you go. Besides, he likes you, doesn’t he...”

After a long while, Stella smiled, “Even if he likes me, it means nothing. Besides, he’s getting married soon. How could he have the energy to care about me?”

Sherry heaved a sigh, “That’s right. Those rich and powerful families get married as if they were playing games. You can’t take it seriously.”

Afraid that people from the Conrad family would find out, Sherry couldn’t stay in Stella’s room for a long time. Soon, she went downstairs.

Meanwhile, Clarence had finished the interview.

After Sherry and the editor of SG Jewelry Magazine left, Clarence asked a servant, “Where is Stella?”

“Ms. Radomil is in her room.”

Clarence walked towards the garden while saying, “Ask her to come downstairs.”

The servant nodded, “Yes, Mr. Clarence.”

In Stella’s room.

Stella was looking out of the window in a daze when hearing the knocks on the door.


She reluctantly walked to the garden. When seeing Clarence, she walked over slowly, “Excuse me, Mr. Conrad. What can I do for you?”

Clarence sat at a round table and took a sip of the coffee in his mug. He said indifferently, “Isn’t it good to have a walk?”

In the past few days, Stella also wanted to take a walk outside. However, she knew clearly that except for Justin, people in the Conrad family all disliked her and disdained her. Hence, she almost stayed in her room all the time except to take a walk with Justin in the evening.

Clarence was almost in the same situation as her.

However, he could speak and behave quite naturally and unrestrainedly, which displeased all people in the Conrad family.

Stella guessed that in this world, only Clarence could make those people who disliked him uneasy because of his existence.

Thinking about it, Stella admired Clarence somehow.

Meanwhile, a servant served a plate to them.

Stella sat opposite Clarence. After the servant left, she continued, “Mr. Conrad, don’t you need to go to work?”

Clarence put down the coffee mug, “I’m taking a break.”

“I see.”

It was quite rare that the wretched man talked in such a normal tone. Stella couldn’t get used to it for a while.copy right hot novel pub

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