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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 137: I Asked Them to Come Here

In the hospital.

As soon as Rebecca came out of the bathroom, she saw her mother holding a flower basket at the door. She asked casually, “Who has sent it?”

Tabitha pulled a long face and looked a bit annoyed, “It’s from Clarence Conrad.”

Upon hearing it, Rebecca said surprisingly, “Clarence Conrad? Hasn’t the Conrad family sent us a gift? Why did he...”

“I don’t know what he meant. He sent it over in his name.”

Rebecca was more confused. Clarence never was friendly to her whole family. Although they had become in-laws because of the engagement of Annie and Horace, it was decided by Dempsey. Hence, they couldn’t get along with Clarence more.

In such a circumstance, how could Clarence send her a gift deliberately for her childbirth?

Tabitha said, “Isn’t he getting married to Phoebe? Would it be possible that Phoebe asked him to do so?”

Rebecca shook her head, “How could Phoebe ask Clarence to do anything?”

The more she thought about it, the weirder Rebecca felt. She didn’t want to overthink, but the matter that Clarence sent her a gift was way too creepy.

While she was trying hard to figure it out, Tabitha suddenly said, “Rebecca, look. There’s a card.”

“Let me take a look.”

Rebecca took it over. When she opened the card and read the line, she suddenly looked pale.

Tabitha noticed it and asked, “Rebecca, what’s wrong? What’s on the card?”

Rebecca returned to her senses. Immediately, she shook her head and pressed the card behind her back, “Nothing, Mom. It’s just some wishing words.”

Right then, her baby woke up and started weeping. Tabitha rushed to coax the baby.

Rebecca sat on the bed. Although there was a heater in the room, she felt extremely cold as all fours were frozen.

Clarence wouldn’t have written such words for no reason. She guessed that he must have known she made Stella drown.

She also knew that according to Clarence’s character, he wouldn’t let it go so easily.


On the second day during breakfast, Dempsey was still angry. He pulled a long face without saying a single word.

Joanna still looked expressionless. Annie lowered her head and held her breath.

Only Justin said, “Clarence, you haven’t stayed home for several years.copy right hot novel pub

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