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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 136: I’ll Send You Out by Then

Dempsey was the one who disliked that Clarence had moved back. He looked extremely annoyed, but he couldn’t say anything.

Obviously, the atmosphere in the Conrads’ Mansion had become more stressful and tense.

When Annie was about to go back to her room, she was stopped by Clarence in front of the stairs.

She was so frightened. Looking back at him, she tried her best to be calm, “Yes... Yes, Clarence?”

Clarence cast her an expressionless glance. He said flatly, “I remember I’ve warned you.”

Annie knew that he was getting even with her. In a hurry, she explained, “That woman... Stella’s pregnancy wasn’t exposed to me. I swear.”

Upon hearing it, Clarence looked at Annie coldly. She didn’t know if he bought it or not, but she just felt her hair stand on end, wrapped over by the fear.

Annie gritted her teeth. She knew if she didn’t tell him the truth now, he would sooner or later find it out. She whispered, “It’s Rebecca. She mentioned that Stella is pregnant, and Uncle Dempsey overheard her...”

Clarence asked, “How did she know?”

“I... I don’t know either. However, Rebecca said that she knew Stella has been pregnant long ago. She should get to know it on Aunt Joanna’s birthday. However, she always thought that Stella was pregnant with Horace’s baby...”

Annie was quite smart when speaking. She pulled Rebecca into the mere and also reminded Clarence that the matter Stella was pushed into the pond wasn’t an accident. She completely got away from being suspected.

Clarence suddenly chuckled. When he looked up, his black eyes were full of coldness. He said, “Annie Conrad, don’t play any tricks in my presence. I’ll look into the matters you mentioned one by one.”

Annie tried hard not to let out a trembling voice, “Clarence, I’ve told you the truth. I didn’t lie.”

After Clarence walked away, Annie trotted into her bedroom quickly. All her back was covered in a cold sweat.

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