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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 132: Wait Until the Baby is Born

As soon as Clarence entered the living room, the temperature dropped immediately. Everyone felt stressed.

Although Annie was fully prepared, she still couldn’t help being nervous, afraid that Clarence would find out the truth.

After entering, Clarence sat directly opposite Dempsey. He looked cold and aloof, expressionlessly.

Dempsey wasn’t certain about Clarence’s attitude to Stella. With uncertainty, he said in a deep voice, “Clarence, since you’ve come back, let’s make everything clear.”

Clarence looked up and said in an extremely cold tone, “Good. I also want to announce something.”

Dempsey stroke his walking stick and thought for a moment, “Since Stella is carrying the baby of the Conrad family, we can’t let our later generation outside. You divorced her so suddenly back then. I didn’t agree with you. Now, it’s a good chance for you to remarry.”

Upon hearing it, Clarence cast Stella a glance. Then he asked indifferently, “Said who I’ll remarry her?”

Dempsey frowned unhappily, “Then what are you planning to do? Are you the father of the baby in her belly?”

Clarence said, “Only she knows if I’m the father or not.”

Since Clarence entered, Stella was sitting there, lowering her head.

Upon hearing his words, she subconsciously clenched her fingers. Blood was drained from her face.

It wasn’t the first time that she heard Clarence doubt if he was the father of her baby. However, for some reason, in an instant, she felt as if she was poured by a basin of cold water. Her only hope was gone.

She felt as if she was dragged into an endless abyss, and she couldn’t see any light.

After a moment of silence, Dempsey added, “No matter what, if there’s any possibility, I can’t let the Conrad family’s later generation wander outside. Before the baby is born, she...”

Right then, a woman’s gentle voice was heard at the gate, “Excuse me. Am I interrupting?”

Dempsey looked over. Originally, he was quite unhappy that Phoebe and Clarence had attended the charity banquet and ruined his plan last night. Seeing her show up, he was more impatient, looked extremely annoyed.

Joanna said, “Hi, Phoebe. If you have anything, could you please come over later?”

Right after she finished her words, Clarence stood up and said, “I called her over.”

Joanna’s expression changed when she heard it.

Phoebe smiled and nodded at Joanna as a greeting. Then she took Clarence’s arm, “Uncle Dempsey, Aunt Joanna, Clarence and I are getting married.”

Dempsey stood up immediately, “I don’t agree.”

Clarence withdrew his hand from Phoebe’s arms. He wrapped his hand around her waist and said indifferently, “That’s what I want to announce.”

Phoebe didn’t expect that he would do so. After a short moment of daze, she put back on her smile.

Dempsey paced the floor with the walking stick violently, “You are making trouble. You know Stella is pregnant with your baby, but you..copy right hot novel pub

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