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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 130: She Must Escape

Out of Stanford’s office, Sherry pulled Stella into the lounge.

Sherry said, “I heard what happened last night. Mr. Leif said he’s investigating. I don’t think it’s necessary. How could it be so coincident? I’m hundred per cent certain that it was done by Modesty Parker. There shouldn’t be any other one.”

Stella faintly smiled, “Sherry, calm down. Even we both know it was done by her, we don’t have the evidence yet. She may retort and say that we are framing her. It’s not worth it.”

“Do you just let go of her so easily?”

“Of course not.”

Stella was certain that it was done by Modesty because she had personally seen Modesty toss Phoebe’s customized necklace into the garbage can. She told others that it was missing.

Modesty couldn’t ignore the detail. Hence, without Horace’s clarification last night, Stella’s reputation would be ruined and people would disdain her. For SG Jewelry Magazine, there would also be a lot of rumors and they couldn’t handle them alone. How could the company have the energy to help her look into the matter? They would probably distinguish with her clearly because of the rumors.

In that case, even if Stella knew that Modesty had done it, nobody would believe her. They would only think that she slandered others to make herself innocent.

As for Stella, except that she had personally seen Modesty toss the necklace away, she had no other evidence to support her.

She had to admit that Modesty’s trick was risky but once it succeeded, Modesty would definitely achieve her goals.

Stella believed what she had said in Stanford’s office should be enough to make Modesty not dare to make a second move.

After cursing Modesty emotionally for a while, Sherry asked, “But I’m quite curious who helped her. How could her plan be carried on so smoothly? She’s quite capable.”

Stella shook her head.

Sherry said, “Why don’t we ask Horace for the surveillance video? Once we’ve found the person who helped her, we could have the evidence.”

“Forget it. Just let it be. Let nature take its course.”

Stella believed that she had troubled Horace too much already.

Sherry knew what was in her mind. Heaving a sigh, she changed the subject. Looking at her belly, she said solemnly, “Dear baby, your mission in the future is to protect your mother. Don’t let her be bullied by others, especially your asshole father.copy right hot novel pub

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