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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 13: Are You the Number One Protected Animal of This Country?

Stella thought that he was referring to her contract with SG Jewellery Magazine, so she replied, “As you can see, this is my profession anyway. Can’t I resume my career?”

He bellowed, “I am not asking about this.”

Stella was perplexed, “Then, what do you want to ask about?”

“I am talking about…”

Clarence began his barrage but Stella suddenly felt nauseated. She covered her mouth quickly but she couldn’t stop herself from making a vomiting sound.

Stella reached out and pushed him slightly, and she said with difficulty, “Mr. Conrad, I hope that you can leave me alone for now. I feel a little distraught.”

Clarence gazed at her with cold eyes, “You’re keeping up your act, I see.”

Don’t ever think that he couldn’t see through that she was trying to get this over with as quickly as possible.

“I didn’t think you would see through me. Mr. Conrad, what do you want to ask about? If it’s nothing important, I need to go to the toilet.”

Ever since a few days ago, her symptoms of morning sickness had grown severe. She had the urge to vomit for some time before, and now she was really going to vomit.

Clarence clasped her wrist and said in an emotionless voice, “What is the deal with your Puppy Love?”

Stella was stunned a little. She never expected that he would ask about this.

“It’s just… my Puppy Love.” Stella replied while swinging her head up at him. She then seriously said, “Mr. Conrad, I hope you are not going to find fault with me about this matter. Don’t you think that it would be just plain funny to talk about this, given our relationship?”

Clarence knitted h is brows and increased his grip on her wrist, “What is our relationship now?”

“We are just waiting for notice to divorce.”

“Stella, you better don’t challenge my bottom line.”

Stella couldn’t understand him. She was just waiting for him to have time to get this divorce going without making any troubles. She had been very reasonable, so she didn’t understand how she was made out to be challenging him.

The discomfort rushed up once again. However, Clarence was stubbornly grabbing her wrist without letting go.

In the nick of time, Stella quickly grabbed a rubbish bin and bent over to vomit.

Although Clarence was quick to retrieve his hand, his sleeve couldn’t escape the fate of getting stained with a little of her vomiting stuff.

Clarence immediately became upset as he gnashed his teeth, “Stella!”

After Stella finished vomiting, she took in some water to cleanse her mouth before smiling at him apologetically, “I’m sorry, but I can’t hold it in.”

Clarence removed his coat and put it to one side, and then he opened the window to allow the breeze to carry away the faint scent of vomit.copy right hot novel pub

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