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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 129: I Believe What I’ve Seen Personally

Stella walked back to her room and opened the suitcase, putting her belongings back.

Done that, she lay down on the bed helplessly.

She hadn’t done anything today, but she was extremely exhausted.

When she was looking out of the window in a daze, her phone rang.

Stella sat up and looked around in her room. Then she saw her phone on the desk.

It was a call from Phoebe.

“Hello, Ms. Radomil. I want to apologize to you on Annie’s behalf. She was spoiled since her childhood. Please don’t take it to your heart.”

Stella said calmly, “It’s alright.”

After a pause, Phoebe said, “Although it sounds a bit abrupt, I’m quite curious, wondering if what Annie said was real. Please don’t misunderstand. I didn’t mean anything else. I just want to know your relationship with Clarence.”

“I’m his ex-wife.”

“It turns out to be like this... I’m sorry. I didn’t know about your relationship before. Please excuse my offense.”

“Miss Steward, please don’t mention it. I’ve already divorced him. I didn’t expect that you are his fiancee either. I should apologize for that.”

Phoebe smiled, “Yeah. I’ve been liking him for a long time. We were supposed to get married, but unfortunately...”

She didn’t finish her words. Instead, she said, “Before I met you in person, I heard a lot of comments about you from Annie, so I had misunderstood you a lot. But now, it’s quite different. I’m so glad to have a friend like you. I believe that you are absolutely not the kind of person that Annie has thought.”

Stella said, “In fact, Annie Conrad wasn’t wrong. I’m not a good person anyway. I forced Clarence Conrad to marry me.”

Phoebe said, “I still prefer to believe what I’ve seen personally.”

Stella slightly smiled and said, “Thank you, Miss Steward.copy right hot novel pub

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