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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 125: I’m Not Interested in Dealing With Such Matter

Right after George finished speaking, he was about to leave, but the door of the VIP lounge was opened.

Clarence stood at the door. He said expressionlessly, “Since such an incident happened, as the organizer, Jason Group should take its responsibility. Mr. Jason, are you sure you won’t take care of it and leave this way?”

Seeing him, George looked more annoyed, “Mr. Conrad, since you said so, are you going to take care of it?”

“Mr. Jason, you misunderstood. I just passed here by.”

Among all people at the scene, only Stanford knew that he wasn’t just passing here by.

Stanford coughed. He walked up and said, “Mr. Jason, I can guarantee that before the jewelry was sent here there were no problems at all. Our employees were watching them on the way and didn’t leave them. Mr. Jason, could you please request the hotel to give us the surveillance?”

George said impatiently, “Do you want me to leave so many of my guests in the hall just for such a woman with a bad reputation?”

This time, before Stanford spoke, Clarence said expressionlessly, “Mr. Jason, you must not know yet - your son, Horace Jason, almost ruined his engagement to the Conrad family because of this woman with a bad reputation.”

George’s expression was stiffened. He wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush with Clarence, “What did you say?”

In the corner, Modesty’s faint smile was also stiffened. She looked up in disbelief.

How come Stella knew the son from the Jason family?

Right then, there were a few knocks on the door.

George tidied himself up and inhaled deeply, “Enter.”

Stella and Phoebe showed up one after another.

Although Phoebe and Rebecca were friends, the Jason and the Steward families did not cooperate in business. Besides, Phoebe attended the banquet with Clarence, which ruined all the Jason and Conrad families’ plans.

Seeing that she followed Clarence in as if she wanted to make trouble on purpose, George wasn’t quite polite to her. He asked rudely, “What are you doing here?”

Phoebe sensed the unhappiness in his tone and didn’t care. She said in a gentle voice, “Uncle Jason, please allow me to introduce her. This is Ms. Radomil, the designer from SG Jewelry Magazine.”

Due to the rumors outside, George didn’t have a good impression of Stella. Plus, Clarence said something just now, which reminded him that Annie made a fuss before.

He thought that Annie had made trouble out of nothing and beat the air that time. Much to his surprise, Horace did admit the existence of that woman. Just now, Clarence confirmed and let him know who she was.

When George looked over at Stella, his eyes were filled with disgust.

Stella said politely, “Good evening, Mr. Jason. I’m here for the auction...”

“Not necessarily. I’ve made up my mind on this matter. No matter what explanation you would have it’s your own business. It has nothing to do with me and this charity banquet.”

After finishing his words, he didn’t pause any longer, striding away.copy right hot novel pub

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