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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 124: She Deserved It No Matter What

Stella looked at the jewelry box that fell next to her feet - the necklace in it had broken into two pieces, scattering on the ground.

It wasn’t until now did Phoebe came back to her senses. In a hurry, she said, “Annie, what are you doing...”

Annie said, “Phoebe, this woman faked her pregnancy to force my cousin Clarence to marry her. Then she tried every possible mean to hit on Horace.”

“Ms. Radomil isn’t such a person. Annie, did you misunderstand something?”

Annie laughed out ironically. She stared at Stella and said, “You are so good at pretending. With your skin, others don’t know what kind of person you are.”


Stella slowly turned around and looked at Annie calmly, “What kind of person am I?”

“Don’t you know yourself? After you divorced Clarence, you pestered Horace. Now Horace has engaged to me, you are still pestering him. You can’t live without men, can you?”

Stella slightly smiled and said, “If I did keep pestering Horace, do you think you still could get engaged?”

Annie gritted her teeth fiercely, “You finally admit it!”

“What can’t I admit? You’re always afraid that Horace would be snatched by me one day, aren’t you? Since you are so fearful, why don’t I just make your wish come true?”


Annie raised her hand and wanted to slap her, but she was stopped by Phoebe, “Annie, don’t be reckless.”

Annie had already lost her mind right now, “Since she could say such shameless words, no matter what happens, she deserves it!”

Phoebe frowned, “It’s such a big occasion today. Horace and his parents are also there. If you made a scene, it would be bad for you.”

Upon hearing it, Annie calmed down a lot. She wasn’t afraid of what Phoebe had said. It was just because Clarence was also in the hall.

If he knew that she slapped Stella, he definitely would give her a hard time.

Annie drew her hand. She cast a glance at Stella’s belly, an idea coming up to her.

Right then, there was a mess in the banquet hall. One subordinate came over and whispered to Phoebe in her ear. Her face slightly changed. When she turned around and was about to go back, she looked over at Stella, “Ms. Radomil, probably you should come with me. Something went wrong with the auction item from SG Jewelry Magazine.”

After they all left the scene, a figure walked out of the corner. The person stood motionlessly for a moment, looking over at the broken necklace. After a few seconds of thought, the person picked it up, put it in the pocket, and turned away.

The charity auction.copy right hot novel pub

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