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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 123: Pretty Good at Acting

The charity banquet.

Since Clarence and Phoebe showed up, the whole banquet was blanked with a weird silence.

All of the attendees had known that the Jason family only had an empty shell left. This charity banquet was held because the Jason family wanted to help Dempsey connect to their network.

Although the Jason family was declining, they still had accumulated lots of contacts and got a certain reputation.

Besides, a lot of people wanted to get in touch with the Conrad family. They also knew that on the surface, Dempsey was the master of the Conrad family, but Clarence had the final say.

However, since the Conrad family had decided the marriage for convenience for the Jason family, the situation was changed a bit.

They also couldn’t understand why Clarence went out of town for a hotel resort project at the critical moment. He presented Conrad Group to the covetous Dempsey without any guard.

The situation was changed, but nobody dared to look down upon Clarence’s competence and means. Hence, the attendees aimed to know the exact situation in the name of attending this charity banquet.

Much to their surprise, Clarence attended the banquet with the daughter from the Steward family.

Hence, the situation was quite obvious.

After all, no matter how many contacts Jason Group had, it only had an empty shell left. It could never compare to Steward Group that was wealthy and powerful.

After a moment of silence, the attendees started to discuss in low voices.

Everyone had their thoughts. The only one who was happy for Phoebe was Rebecca.

Watching the scene, George looked quite annoyed, but he couldn’t blow up.

When Phoebe came over with Clarence arm-in-arm to greet him, Clarence only slightly nodded at him. George had been used to Clarence’s arrogance and pride, so he didn’t care much about it.

He said, “Mr. Conrad, it’s a great honor for you to attend the banquet held by your Jason Group.”

Clarence said indifferently, “Mr. Jason, let’s not beat around the bush. You should know why I came here.”

George had experienced ups and downs, so he wasn’t troubled at all. He just avoided the key point and answered calmly, “Mr. Conrad, what are you talking about? It’s a charity banquet tonight, so everyone came here for charity certainly. Besides that, I don’t think there’s any other reason for you to come here, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence curled his thin lips and didn’t speak.

Right then, Phoebe said with a smile, “Uncle Jason, I agree with you. We are all here for the charity auction tonight.”

Right then, some other guests came over to greet George.

Phoebe added, “Uncle Jason, we’ll not hold up you for so long then.”

After leaving George, Clarence withdrew his hand from Phoebe’s arms. Then he grabbed a glass of champagne and commented flatly, “You are pretty good at acting.”

Phoebe didn’t answer. She picked up a glass of champagne as well and clinked with his glass.copy right hot novel pub

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