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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 121: No Reason to Reject it or Are You Unwilling to Reject it?


Stella kept sneezing today. She rubbed her nose, picked up a glass of water aside to take a sip.

Sherry said with concerns, “Stella, the temperature is dropping recently. Put on more clothes. Don’t get sick.”

Stella nodded, “Okay. Please go on.”

“Where did I stop? Oh... I recalled it. Liam Keith has been fired by his company. His scandals were spread everywhere, so no company is willing to hire him now. Fortunately, I’ve moved to your place. He kept waiting for me downstairs of my apartment. I asked the property manager to call the police.”

“Sherry, you’d better hide from him recently. He has nothing now. It’s possible that he would become extreme.”

“I know. Don’t worry.” Sherry took a bite on the cake and continued, “By the way, how’s going with Mr. Conrad and you?”

Stella was choked up by the way how Sherry called Clarence.

She said, “Could you please not be so flexible? You always called him the wretched man not long ago.”

Sherry smiled dearly, “I must know how to appreciate my benefactor. Mr. Conrad has helped me a lot. How can I still have the heart to curse him at his back? Besides, I don’t think he was so wretched as we’ve imagined. He treats you not bad, Stella.”

Stella kept silent.

Sherry continued, “Take Vivian Sean for example. We have misunderstood him. He has done those things all for you. Don’t you feel quite touched? Besides, he...”

Upon hearing her words, Stella had goosebumps all over her body. Hurriedly, she interrupted Sherry, “Stop it, Sherry! Please stop talking about him!”

She couldn’t meet Clarence every day. Since the incident happened that night, she could occasionally see him while having breakfast, but they didn’t talk.

Stella was quite satisfied with their current status.

Sherry said, “All right.”

However, she changed to another subject, “Stella, what are you planning to do about the charity banquet tomorrow night? The host is the Jason family, so Horace will attend it. He’s engaged now. Would you feel awkward when meeting him?”

“Nope. I’ve made it clear to him already.copy right hot novel pub

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