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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 120: Will My Career Be Easier After Marring Phoebe?

After finishing the words, Phoebe twisted her hands on her knees; apparently she was a bit nervous.

Although she had made a detailed analysis of the current situation that Clarence was facing, she didn’t know what he was thinking.

He managed to become the CEO of the Conrad Group that everyone dreaded from an illegitimate son that was not recognized by the family. It was obvious that he was scheming and capable.

Even though it looked like Clarence was in the disadvantageous position in the internal fight for power in the Conrad family, Phoebe wasn’t confident in whether her conditions would move him or not.

As expected, Clarence curled his thin lips into a light smile. With a touch of inadvertence and coldness on his face, he asked, “To marry you?”

Phoebe took a light breath, “Yep, if not for that accident, the one who married you three years ago should be me. Moreover, our families have reached a tacit agreement that…”

“I think you misunderstood it.” Clarence interrupted her, “They wanted you to marry Justin, not me.”

Phoebe was stunned for a moment, “How could it be possible. I have been regarding Justin as a brother…”

“So no one has mentioned about this.”

It was true that Joanna liked Phoebe very much, but if the one that Phoebe wanted to marry was Clarence, according to Joanna’s hatred towards Clarence, she would not be on intimate terms with Phoebe.

There were two reasons why no one had mentioned about arranging the marriage between Phoebe and Justin.

On the one hand, it was because of Justin. No matter how hard Joanna tried to persuade him, Justin still had a tough attitude and refused the proposal. Therefore, Joanna could only give up the idea.

On the other hand, the Steward was a noble family and Phoebe was the only child of the family. Her father loved her so much and pampered her a lot. Therefore, the Steward family would not allow her to marry a cripple.

The combination of the above-mentioned two reasons was the primary reason why no one had mentioned about the marriage between the two families.

As for Clarence, Joanna wished so much that he would get nothing. How would she arrange Phoebe to marry him?

Dempsey was also afraid that if Clarence had too many powers, he would be out of control. Therefore, when Stella appeared, he hurriedly arranged their marriage.

Phoebe calmed down herself and continued, “If the situation is like what you said just now, shouldn’t you marry me? They will not be able to stop this, and you can take revenge on them as well.”

Clarence didn’t say anything and simply tapped the desk with his slender fingers.copy right hot novel pub

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