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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 12: She Was Confessing Her Love to Me

He didn’t expect Annie to follow him, “Horace, you shouldn’t leave me alone. I will make sure not to bother you.”

Horace allowed a frown to set in to show his helplessness, but he didn’t have anything he could refute her.

At the moment, a silence descended on the scene, and everyone had settled into their seats. He found it unsuitable to stand up again, so he could only allow things to be that way.

Annie had seen everything that unfolded between them, and she scoffed, “I can’t believe that Annie has this obedient side to her, but I have always been curious about the reason she had ran off to another country without warning. She only came back after so long.”

Clarence replied, “Ask her by yourself.”

“I just want to show my concern.”

“I don’t know the reason behind her actions.”

When Annie had gone overseas, he was on a business trip in the United Kingdom. When he got back, she was no longer in the country.

There was no reason for him to pry into this since it had nothing to do with him.

Very soon, the press conference started, and the founder of SG Jewellery Magazine took the stage and gave a speech about the beginnings of their company and then he was followed by Stanford who gave a speech about their future development directions. He also stated that the three renditions of the “Puppy Love’ Series” was only the beginning of a line of products that would feature more designs. New line of products would be created too.

After that, models started to catwalk to display the items.

Annie said, “Horace, this series is really nice. I really want it.”

Horace wasn’t paying any attention to her at all. Besides eyeing the items worn by the models, he also sneaked glances in the direction of the backstage.

The SG Jewellery Magazine had announced that the designer of this line of products would make an appearance today.

On the other side, Vincent commented, “Ms. Radomil is indeed the real deal. Her work is pure art and inspiration. All of items would capture the heart of any female. I can even feel an honest and sweet ambience that only belonged to someone basking in his or her Puppy Love here.”

Clarence didn’t seem to register his words. His eyes were fixed on the necklaces worn by the models.

He was thinking that Stella would look fine wearing those necklaces.

Nobody would be more suitable than her in wearing those necklaces.

Clarence’s gaze fell upon the ring on the model’s finger. If Stella knew how to hold back and be obedient, it was not a far-fetched idea to gift her ring too.

After all the models had completed their catwalk, he host introduced, “Let us welcome the designer of this “Puppy Love’ Series” from SG Jewellery Magazine, Ms. Radomil, with a huge round of applause.copy right hot novel pub

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