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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 118: He’s Cold-hearted in Nature

Stella was shocked and frightened by Clarence’s words ‘Do you like me’. They sounded like ‘when do you want to die tonight’ and ‘how do you want to die’ in her ears.

She licked her lip that was broken by his teeth and tasted a light smell of alcohol. She then asked, “Mr. Conrad, are you drunk?”

Clarence simply stared at her and didn’t reply.

Stella asked tentatively, “I guess you’re. Otherwise, why did you play such a joke with me?”

Clarence sneered and slowly let go of her. He withdrew his hand and unfastened his necktie, “You think I’m joking with you?”

“Aren’t you?” Stella made an analysis with a serious expression, “Mr. Conrad, I don’t understand why you asked me that question. What’s the meaning of it? If my answer is ‘YES’, you will think that I’m coveting something that I shouldn’t dream of; if my answer is ‘NO’, you may think that I’m really arrogant. It’s really hard for me to give you a satisfying answer. How’s this? Mr. Conrad, can you tell me the answer you want to hear. I can give you an answer according to your preference.”

Clarence looked at her coldly, “When you were falling in love with Horace, did you attach great importance to the gains and losses like you do just now.”

“No, I didn’t.”

It was because she had never fallen in love with Horace.

Moreover, she didn’t know what was wrong with this wretched man, so she must try her best to protect herself.

Stella emphasized again, “Mr. Conrad, nothing has happened between me and Horace. Moreover, he has engaged now. I hope that you’ll not wrong our relationship again and again.”

Clarence asked in a flat tone, “Really?”

“Of course.”

“Now that your relationship is so pure, who inspired you to design the ‘Puppy Love’ Series?”

Stella, “…”

She retorted him, “It is targeted at the public and it’s not for anyone. Mr. Conrad, why are you clinging to its name? Could it be that you’re also jealous?”

Clarence slightly pressed his thin lips together, his eyes becoming gloomy.

Stella suddenly felt that her question was brusque and it seemed like she was seeking death. When she was pondering how to relieve the tensed atmosphere, Clarence’s voice sounded, “Yes. So what?” She couldn’t read his mood through his voice.

Stella was a bit stunned, “What?”

What did he say just now?

Clarence continued, “You know what I mean.copy right hot novel pub

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