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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 113: Mr. Conrad Directed Such a Big Show Tonight

Earlier, Jolie received a call from her friend after Liam left her. She was told that there was a party in Twilight, in which a lot of rich men would attend. Her friend asked her if she was willing to join them.

Jolie didn’t truly fall in love with Liam. She just wanted him to buy her bags, clothes, and gifts. However, she could tell that Liam wasn’t a super-rich man after what had happened when buying the apartment.

Besides, she was pissed off because of Liam today, so she was more unhappy with him.

What she dreamed of was to hook up with a rich man and then kicked Liam away.

After entering the box, Jolie had a target. With the glass of wine in her hand, she sat next to him. The old man started to touch her after exchanging a few words. Jolie pretended to reject, leaning against him.

However, right then, the door of the private box was opened. A group of fierce women rushed in. One of them grabbed Jolie’s hair and dragged her onto the ground.

Jolie wasn’t that foolish to be beaten, so she fought back with the other party. Shortly after, she covered her head and rushed out of the box.

The other party didn’t seem to let go of her easily, though. They followed her out, pissed off by her fight-back just now. They kept hitting her.

“You shameless bitch! You slut! How dare you hit on my husband! I’ll beat you to death!”

“I see you are so young. Now you are a mistress and you want to hit on a rich man. You want to get something for nothing, don't you? I can make your wish come true today!”

Jolie held her head and yelled harshly, “I’m not. I didn’t. You mistook me as another woman!”

“Jesus! You don’t admit it, do you? We saw it personally just now. You clung to him like you were boneless. You were hitting on him!”

In the crowd, Jolie tried her best to retort.

She found that the group of women came deliberately for catching the adultery in the act, so they must be prepared ahead. However, she only met that old man today for the first time, so she was certain that they had mistaken her as another woman.

Not far away from them, Liam recognized Jolie’s voice. He looked more and more annoyed.

Right then, Jolie suddenly had some strength. She broke free from their grips and rushed out of the crowd.

After running for a few steps, she saw Liam. Her eyes were lit up. As if she had seen her savior, she rushed over and took his arm, “Honey, it’s so good you are here. Please explain for me to them!”

As she spoke, Jolie turned around and looked at the group of women. Finally, she became confident, “Look. This is my official boyfriend. I’m not a mistress!”

However, Jolie didn’t realize that she had messy hair with blood stains right now.copy right hot novel pub

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