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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 111: You Don’t Need to Beat Around the Bush

“What rumors did I spread? I’ve said the truth,” Liam said coldly, “Do you think she does everything for your own good? She didn’t lead a happy life herself, so she ruined our relationship.”

Sherry had never expected that he would blame everything on Sherry so shamelessly. She laughed in anger, “Why? Did she forced you to cheat on me risking your life?”

Liam didn’t answer. However, in his opinion, he always believed that if Stella hadn’t seen Jolie and him together, he could continue being with Sherry and dating Jolie without any conflicts.

“Isn’t it her fault? Horace Jason is engaged. Her dream to marry into a rich family was broken, so she wanted you to be like her. Sherry Perry, couldn’t you stop being so innocent? How could a normal woman dare not to let others know that she’s pregnant? Probably she’s carrying a bastard that she even doesn’t know its father.”

Sherry was outraged, “What the fuck are you talking about? You scumbag!”

She wanted to rush over to him, but Stella stopped her. Looking at Liam, Stella said indifferent, “Don’t try to slander me so hurriedly. I did found that you cheated on Sherry, but you were dating your secret lover aboveboard. Was it my fault?”

Sherry added, “I was so blind to love you jerk for so many years. You sicken me so much. I want to throw up!”

Upon hearing her words, Liam looked more annoyed. He warned, “You’d better be more respectful when speaking to me. Otherwise, you can’t blame me for being rude!”

Right then, someone from the onlookers mashed a cup of coffee towards Liam and Jolie.

The coffee only stained Liam’s half sleeve. However, it completed wet Jolie’s whole face.


While Jolie let out the screen, Stella pulled Sherry to leave the scene.

Sherry and she were two women, and Stella didn’t think it would be necessary for them to get into a fight with Liam. If it happened, they would suffer the loss.

Out of the selling office, Sherry was still furious, “How could that son of bitch so good at bullshitting? As soon as I thought that I was in love with him for five years before, I’m so sickened! Jesus!”

As she spoke, she looked over at Stella, “Stella, all he said was bull crap. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Stella smiled, “Of course not. No worries.”

When Sherry was about to speak again, she felt that someone patted her shoulder. She turned around, only to find that a person wearing a mask and hat was standing in front of them.

It wasn’t until now did Sherry recall that she also invited Winnie to shop when she came out.

Winnie came over after finishing her schedule. She was waiting for them at the gate of the selling office. Later, she heard a big fight inside, so she went in to watch the fun.

Then she saw Stella and Sherry.

Stella seemed to realize something. She asked, “Did you smash the coffee?”

Winnie blinked, “Yep. I just bought it. It was still hot.”

Sherry felt delighted instantly, “Let’s roll. I’ll treat you to a big meal. Let’s go celebrate it!”

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