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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 11: Horace Had Been Looking for You

“That’s right, as a girl, sometimes when she is angry, she wouldn’t just express it directly. She might try to do things that can attract men’s attention. Is your wife suggesting a divorce because she is waiting for you to console and coo her?”

Clarence immediately let out a cold laugh, “Not a chance.”

Didn’t Stella know of her own worth? How could she have such unrealistic thoughts like that?

Nathan said, “Mar. Conrad, I don’t think the young lady is someone who only sees value in money. When her father was making a scene at the Conrads today, the young lady has said that the money always belongs to you, and it is unrelated to her. And she even suffered a slap for it.”

Clarence’s brows couldn’t help forming wrinkles, “She has been hit?”

“Yes, and it was quite a serious one. A visible mark was left on her face.”

After a few seconds, Clarence then said, “Go and find out how much that man has owed. Reimburse the leftover amount, and make sure he never appears in front of me again.”

When the hands of the clock pointed to ten minutes past three, Clarence announced, “I’m going back to the company.”

In the bedroom.

Clarence’s gaze fell on the most conspicuous blue-and-white striped shirt hanging in the room, and his thoughts were thrown into disarray. If Stella continued to be unruly this time after returning from Belgium, he would blast both her and this shirt out of the room.

The press conference of SG Jewellery Magazine was imminent, and Stella was adjusting the length of the necklace for models at the backstage.

Stanford came in and said, “Ms. Radomil, there are many famous designers and big shots of the business industry out there. Your design will shine brightly on stage later, and by then many would have learned of your name.”

Stella smiled briefly, “The honour belongs to SG Jewellery Magazine. I am just a catalyst.”

She was merely stating the truth. Without the support of such a flashy coat like SG Jewellery Magazine, nobody would have even peeked at the work of such a no-name designer.

Sherry came in too at the moment and she overheard them, “Ms. Radomil, don’t be too humble. This is our shared honour. Am I right, Mr. Leif?”

Stanford nodded with a smile, “You’re right. We are two half of the same coin.”

When Stanford left, Sherry pulled Stella over and whispered, “Ms. Radomil, I’m telling you something, but you have to be prepared.”


“I saw Horace just now.”

With a clattering sound, the hair pin which was supposed to be used on a model was dropped from Stella’s hand.copy right hot novel pub

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