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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 106: What Are You Waiting For?

Conrad Group.

After finishing the status report of his work, Nathan said, “Mr. Conrad, if there’s nothing else, I shall go out.”

“Wait,” Clarence stopped him. After a few seconds, Clarence raised his head and asked indifferently, “Has Stella moved over?”

“Not yet...”

Putting down his pen, Clarence asked unhappily, “What’s she up to?”

Nathan answered, “Mrs. Conrad went to the Prison of City N this morning and took her father’s ashes. In the afternoon, she went to the cemetery. Right now... she should be on the way back home.”

Upon hearing it, Clarence snorted slightly without speaking anything else. Then he said, “You may leave now.”

He inwardly complained how ungrateful Stella was - why did she waste her love on such worthless things?

Right then, Clarence’s phone started ringing. It was a call from Vincent.

As soon as the call was connected, Vincent asked, “Hello, Clarence. I heard that you’ve returned to City N.”


“I didn’t expect the project to be so tough. You went there to deal with it but it took you such a long time.”

Clarence said in a cold tone, “Are you quite idle now?”

Vincent let out a hollow laugh, “Nope. I’m quite busy. I just care about you. May I know what on earth you are thinking about? When there was a fierce competition in Conrad Group, how come you went to Anqiao Street to deal with the project that meant nothing to Conrad Group? I’m sure your father must be quite delighted recently.”

“If I didn’t offer him any chance to let him be optimistic and he would stop right now, what would be so fun of it?” Clarence said in an indifferent tone, “Besides, Anqiao Street is indeed an important project for Conrad Group. Said who it meant nothing?”

“All right. All right. Whatever you said. So, let’s have a drink tonight, shall we?”

Clarence glanced over the piled documents, pressing his thin lips, “I don’t have time.”

Vincent fell into silence.

What a stubborn man! Vincent knew that Clarence wasn’t willing to admit the truth.

After hanging up the phone, Clarence stared at his phone. Then he dialed Stella’s number.

On the other side, as soon as Stella arrived home and before sitting on the sofa, her phone started ringing.

She swiped to answer it slowly, “Hello, Mr. Conrad. What else can I do for you?”

Clarence said in a cold tone, “Stella, you should know that the Conrad Family is keeping an eye on me right now.”

“Probably... Yeah, I heard of it.”

She also read the finance newspapers that Dolores used to read. Probably it was more and more difficult to control Clarence, Dempsey wanted to take part of Clarence’s power away, and he did it quite obviously.copy right hot novel pub

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