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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 105: Humiliation

Jeffrey’s funeral was very simple. More precisely, it was just a simple farewell ceremony.

There was only a name ‘Jeffrey Radomil’ on his tombstone.

Holding an umbrella, Channing stood beside Stella, “He suffered from his own actions and he can’t blame anyone else for such a miserable consequence.”

What they could do was to take back his bone ashes and find a cemetery to bury him. This was the last thing that they could do for him.

Stella didn’t say anything and simply stared at Jeffrey’s tombstone. After a long while, she said slowly, “Chan, let’s go.”

No matter what unforgivable things Jeffrey had done in the future, they would all end here.

She was now finally free.

They left the cemetery and went back to the old house to tidy up Jeffrey’s relics.

The house was located in an old residence building in a poor district, so it was not valuable at all. Based on Jeffrey’s personality, he would have tried to pledge the house by all means to pay his debts. Nevertheless, the weird thing was that he had never thought of pledging this house. It seemed like Jeffrey hadn’t come back for a long time as the house was covered with a layer of thick dusts.

Channing waved his hand after entering the house and said to Stella, “Wait outside the house. There’re many dusts here.”

Stella nodded her head, “All right.”

Channing found a carton and put Jeffrey’s things into it.

Standing on the balcony and looking at the house in which she grew up, Stella was clutched by a gush of weird feelings.

It seemed like ever since she began to memory things, Jeffrey had been raffish. Nevertheless, when he was young, he was not addicted in gambling. It was just that he was an alcoholic and liked to ask for credit. Nevertheless, he would occasionally think of his children and then swear that he would thoroughly reform himself.

But usually, he would only persist for two days and would commit the same mistake again.

This situation was further intensified as the time passed.

When Stella was lost in her thoughts, Channing took out a locked old leather suitcase out form Jeffrey’s bedroom. Judging from its appearance, it seemed like the suitcase hadn’t been unlocked for many years.

Channing went to find lock picks. Stella asked, “Do you want to open it?”

Channing replied while rummaging for the lock picks, “I saw him open the suitcase once before and I guess there must be something important to him in the suitcase.”

Stella moved her lips trying to say something, yet didn’t utter a single word in the end.

Actually she was also curious about what were in the suitcase.

She guessed that the things in it were possibly related to their mother.

Their mother died in giving birth to Channing.copy right hot novel pub

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