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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 101: Someone Is Expecting Its Arrival

Many people were waiting for a pregnancy examination in the hospital. Moreover, most of them had a bulging belly.

Comparing to them, Stella appeared to be more relaxed.

She used to come here for a pregnancy examination alone and it was the first time that someone accompanied her here. Moreover, there were many people waiting here and it sounded boisterous. Some of the pregnant women were quarreling with their husbands. Except for the pregnancy examination, Stella had to divert her attention to take care of Clarence, who seemed to be incompatible with this place and didn’t know where he should stay.

A thought popped into Stella’s mind: What’s the use of a man? He can’t help her in any matter and will only bring troubles to her. She would rather do this alone.

No wonder that those pregnant women, whose child was older than the one in her belly, got tired of their husbands.

Clarence noticed her lines of sights and looked askance at her. He said unhappily, “Why are you looking at me?”

Stella smiled at him, “The hospital is packed with people. Mr. Conrad, if you feel it noisy, you can wait for me outside.”

“When did I feel it noisy?”

Stella licked her lips. Come on, Mr. Conrad, your expression had expressed everything.

She shouldn’t have said those words in the morning. Otherwise, would it be so tiring and troublesome if she came here alone?

Stella said, “Then I will go in. Mr. Conrad, if you’re impatient to wait for me, you can leave as you like.”

Clarence didn’t reply and just looked at her coldly.

After Stella entered the room, Clarence withdrew his lines of sights and leaned against the wall. He inadvertently looked towards a pregnant woman who was sitting on a chair not far away.

Her belly was so big and it looked like she was about to deliver.

Her husband was squatting beside the chair. He stroked her belly and put his ear on it. He then exclaimed in surprise, “Honey, it kicked me.”

The woman reply, “He had been sleeping when I was having the examination and didn’t move a bit.”

“Looks like it only wants to interact with me.” The man then said to her belly, “My baby, did you hear daddy’s voice? You want to see daddy, right? Be obedient and wait for several more days, then you’ll be able to come to this world.”

The woman nudged her husband with a smile, “Why are you saying this to it? It doesn’t know it.”

“I heard from some people that when a baby is in the mother’s belly, it can actually perceive the sentiments of the adult. We should talk to it more and let it know that someone in this world is expecting its arrival.copy right hot novel pub

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