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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 100: Since You Are Begging Me

Upon hearing it, Evelyn shook her head and criticized, “She’s quite short-tempered. Why can’t you have a conversation if something happened? Then what happened? Did you look for her?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you go back home with you?”

“Nope. She went on blind dates while being pregnant with my baby.”

Evelyn inhaled. She patted her thigh with strength and said in anger, “How could this happen? It’s your wife’s fault then! No matter how big the conflict was, she couldn’t do such a thing! It’s called infidelity in marriage, bigamy! Moreover, she’s pregnant with your baby! What a woman...”

Stella, who was sitting aside silently, couldn’t help but add, “They’ve divorced already.”

Evelyn continued, “Even if they are divorced, she can’t... What? Are they divorced?”

She paused a bit and asked in disbelief, “Clarence, are you divorced?”

Clarence cast Stella a glance, nodding.

“Well... Then...”

Right then, Dolores walked out of the kitchen.

Evelyn spoke quite loudly, so Dolores had heard what they were talking about in the kitchen. She felt so bothered. Hence, she came out and pulled Evelyn out of the door with an excuse.

After going back into her house, Evelyn asked, “Dolores, I haven’t finished talking with Clarence. I didn’t expect that he’s divorced as well. Don’t you care about your son?”

Dolores said with a migraine, “They both are divorced.”

“Exactly,” Evelyn said. Then she said secretly, “Oh, Dolores, I just found that Clarence and Stella are a perfect match. Since Clarence is divorced, too, I’ll find a chance to ask him if he...”

“Enough. Enough.” Dolores pulled her, “Haven’t you found that they were talking about each other?”


“They were both from City N. Stella came here first, followed by Clarence. They both are divorced. One ran away while being pregnant, and the other came to find her. Can you understand now?”

Evelyn gaped.

After digesting the news that Clarence’s Dolores’ son and accepting it, Evelyn was lost in thought deeply again.

She was silent for a long while and then said in disbelief, “Did you mean Stella’s irresponsible ex-husband is.copy right hot novel pub

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