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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 1: Happy Divorce

“Happy third anniversary, get home earlier, I’ve prepared a surprise for you, you would like it.” After sending that message, Stella Radomil put down her phone and entered the kitchen once again. She turned down the flame of the stove and went to cut the vegetables, enjoying getting busy, as if the reply for the message that she would never get did not affect her mood at all.

The housemaid interrupted her and said, “Let me help you, missus.”

“It’s alright, go mind your own thing. I want to make dinner for him tonight on my own.” The housemaid looked envious and said. “You and Mr. Conrad really love each other.” Stella let out a smile and did not reply. Did she and Clarence Conrad really love each other? Or should she say, they were just acting?

Clarence reached home at 7pm and the housemaid was sensible enough to leave. As soon as Stella just finished arranging the bowls and chopsticks, she could sense the man’s warm breaths from behind. Her chin was clamped and she was forcibly kissed on the lips. Feeling startled, she pushed him away.

Clarence put his hand around her waist and pinched her chin. He narrowed his dark eyes and said indifferently, “Didn’t you want this by deliberately asking me to come back?” Stella explained softly, “No. Today’s our third wedding anniversary. I really do have gifts to give you.”

Clarence released her and tidied his slightly wrinkled shirt, saying blandly, “You don’t have to give me any gifts. Your surprise never gives me joy but shock.” The corner of Stella’s lips twitched. She did not retort but turned around and entered the kitchen. The last dish was placed on the table shortly.

Stella sat opposite Clarence and poured red wine into his glass. She then poured for herself too. She took the glass and said, “To our third wedding anniversary, cheers.” Clarence’s facial features looked fabulous and mature under the light. He had mesmerizing jawline and straight nose. His slightly pursed thin lips implied that he was not satisfied of the wedding anniversary dinner which took place only between them.

Stella smiled. She did not expect him to reply her and she raised the wine glass, gulping down the red wine. After finished, she poured the second glass, one glass after the next. At last, she was slightly drunk. She lied on the table and looked at the man opposite her who had not shown any change in expression throughout. She drawled, “Clarence, just for today, can’t you at least show me some smile?”

“What do you want me to do? Acting crazy with you or celebrate this freaking boring anniversary with you?”

“How could it be boring? How many anniversaries would you have throughout your life? It could be no more anniversaries after this one.copy right hot novel pub

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